October 2021 Newsletter

We started Help in the Home because we care about individuals with severe mental illness. We believe that people with severe mental illness have the right to a high quality of life, a high standard of care and treatment and access to resources. The sad truth is that people with SMI are not given the same rights as people without severe mental illness.

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Treatment Advocacy Center Logo

Even before we opened Help in the Home we were involved with advocacy work. Now as servant leaders of an organization that supports individuals and families with SMI, we have the power to impact change and we make consistent efforts to involve our staff, clients and their families on advocacy initiatives. We know that it takes many voices coming together to create a unified voice to create real change. It is a long and arduous process but we feel it is important and necessary to put in the work.

One of the advocacy organizations that we greatly admire is Treatment Advocacy Center based in Arlington, VA. We discovered the work this organization was doing back in 2005 through our friend and mental health advocacy powerhouse, Evelyn Burton.

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