Covid-19 Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Client Safety Precautions

At Help in the Home, the safety of our clients is our number one priority. At a minimum we are reassessing daily what precautions need to be put into place to keep our community safe. The following guidelines have been put in place until further notice.

While our Supported Living Community is not a Long- Term Care Facility or Group Home, we are following the CDC Guidelines for them in order to be proactive in this situation.

In addition to the items recognized by the CDC, we are also suggesting the following ways of prevention to our clients both in the SLC and ISS:

Self- Care

  • Plenty of Rest
  • Water
  • Good Nutrition — Lemon water, Green Smoothies 🙂
  • Fresh air and exercise — Walks are great 🙂


  • Hand washing 
  • Coughing / Sneezing into tissue — Discard tissue and wash hands
  • Disinfect frequently touched areas at least twice daily (Doorknobs, Handrails, Shared Phones ) 

Limit contact with others:

  • Clients are NOT going into group homes and assisted livings*
  • Clients are NOT going to day programs*
  • Clients are NOT going to crowded areas- grocery stores, mall, etc*
  • Clients and staff are NOT using mass public transportation*
  • No handshakes, hugs, kisses on the head or even Elbow bumps
  • We will not be holding any outside tours but we are able to schedule virtual tours
  • Scheduled family visits are currently allowed under the direction of a client’s care coordinator

* With the exception of clients in our transitional house

PHASE 1:  

Procedure for outdoor visits with clients (this is preferred):

  1. Client and staff will need to stay 6 feet apart at all times.  
  2. Client and staff will wear masks.  

Procedure for indoor visits with clients (only if absolutely necessary).

  1. Before knocking on the door, staff will put on a KN95 face mask and face shield (make sure to use the appropriate face mask for the assigned client) as well as disposable gloves.
  2. Client will answer the door wearing a mask.  We want clients to wear a surgical mask when with staff.  Staff will bring spare surgical masks with them in case the client does not have a surgical mask or if the one they have on is not clean. 
  3. Staff and client will maintain a 6 foot distance (when possible) 
  4. When the visit is over, the staff will exit the house while still wearing the PPE
  5. When staff gets to the car, they will put the KN95 face mask in the paper bag for the assigned client and write the date and time of use on the paper bag.  
  6. Staff will then disinfect the face shield with Clorox wipe
  7. Staff will dispose of gloves
  8. Staff will use hand sanitizer on their hands
  9. The KN95 mask must stay in the paper bag for 72 hours before being used again.  The bag should be kept in the trunk of the car. 


This phase will allow individual client outings with care coordinators.  This includes getting food to eat outside as well as non-essential medical visits.

In-person visits will be scheduled at the direction of the CC Supervisor or SLC Supervisor ONLY.

CC will check in with staff at SLC.  At all times, when out in the greater community (outside of the SLC) both clients and staff must wear a mask as well as stay outdoors if possible.  

Procedure for non-essential medical visits:

CC and staff will follow procedure for each medical visit (information given by the doctor’s office).

Procedure for outings with food:

CC and the client will decide what food to order and place the order (to be picked up curbside only).  The client will need to wear and mask and wash their hands for 20 seconds before leaving with CC.

CC and the client will go to the car and drive to pick up the curbside food.  When getting to the restaurant, both CC and the client will wait in the car and the food will be dropped off into the trunk of the car.  

They will then drive to the park.  CC will wipe down the food and then bring it to the park where they can sit at least 6 feet apart and take off their masks.  

Once they are done, they will put back on their masks and go back to the SLC.  

Transitional House Procedures

We have reserved one house in our community to serve as a separate house for clients who wish to obtain employment or volunteer work that is not remote. This house will be considered high risk, since clients will be increasing their potential level of exposure to COVID-19 by going out into the community. 

Upon Arrival: Staff must wear a mask and face shield when entering 454 and must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet at all times. 

After exiting: Staff must disinfect the face shield with Clorox wipes and wash hands immediately.


Clients who reside in transitional house will have their meals delivered to them. Staff will deliver food at the front door. 


Clients who reside in transitional house will have their meds brought to them. Clients will bring a glass of water with them as staff stand at the door to monitor the med.

In the event that a client has an appointment/ work schedule that conflicts with the regularly scheduled med time, staff should make arrangements to monitor the med before the client leaves or upon their return. This should only be done after receiving confirmation from the prescribing Doctor that the medication is okay to be taken a few hours before or after the scheduled med time. 

If there is no flexibility surrounding the time that meds need to be taken, the client will be able to self monitor their medication with the approval of Stacy & Rayetta. 


Clients who reside in the transitional house will not be permitted to mingle with the rest of the SLC with the exception of outdoor, socially distanced walks. When walking on the property, clients living in the transitional house should wear a mask at all times in case they run into/ pass by another SLC client without a mask on.  

Under no circumstances should clients residing in the transitional house ever visit any of the satellite houses or the main house. If they need anything, clients should contact the main office and staff will follow the proper protocol to bring them whatever items they need. 

For group walks, clients living in the transitional house are permitted to join the walks under the following conditions:

  • Must wear a face mask and shield for the duration of the walk. 
  • Must maintain a distance of 6ft  from the other clients at all times, walking at the back of the main group to avoid other clients unintentionally lessening the 6 ft gap. 

We would go back to Phase 0 if any of our clients or staff were to test positive for covid-19 or if the MoCo Dashboard is no longer trending in the correct direction.  

We continue to monitor the status of cases in Montgomery County and will maintain following health and safety policies that reflect current medical and governmental guidance.

If you have any questions or concerns about our plan, feel free to reach out to Stacy and Rayetta at (866)-967-9994.