January 2022 Newsletter

Vulnerability is transformative and in October of 2021, we took leaning into vulnerability a step further and participated in a Daring Greatly ™ Women’s Weekend Intensive workshop with local DC area therapist Brooke Bralove, LCSW-C.

Read our interview with Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, Brooke Bralove HERE.

Read our January Newsletter HERE.


2021 was a really incredible year for our organization. Like many organizations, 2020 was an extremely difficult time, but in 2021 we came back beyond our expectations! We are so proud of our staff for making this past year’s success possible. Sometimes for us, vulnerability means stepping back to allow our staff to step up. Embracing that vulnerability last year really paid off.

It also allowed us to think about ways we want to transform as an organization. There are several ways we are looking to grow in the coming years including building a private ACT team, assembling an advisory council and creating a second supported living community. The truth is, this vision would not have become clear without the work we put into our personal growth and will not become a reality unless we continue to do the hard work of embracing vulnerability. We’ve never been so excited to get uncomfortable!

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