Covid-19 Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Client Safety Precautions

At Help in the Home, the safety of our clients is our number one priority. At a minimum we are reassessing daily what precautions need to be put into place to keep our community safe. The following guidelines have been put in place until further notice.

While our Supported Living Community is not a Long- Term Care Facility or Group Home, our protocol will continue to be holding the community to the most vulnerable person.

We are encouraging the following ways of prevention to our clients both in the SLC and ISS:

Self- Care

  • Plenty of Rest
  • Water
  • Good Nutrition — Lemon water, Green Smoothies
  • Fresh air and exercise — Walks are great


  • Hand washing
  • Coughing / Sneezing into tissue — Discard tissue and wash hands
  • Disinfect frequently touched areas at least twice daily (Doorknobs, Handrails, Shared Phones )
  • Wear a mask when out in public

Staff to wear a mask at all times when with clients.


People are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 ≥2 weeks after they have received the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) or ≥2 weeks after they have received the single dose (Johnson & Johnson). PLUS The booster (5 months after the 2nd dose of Pfizer, 6 months after the 2nd dose of Moderna, and 2 months after the single dose of Johnson & Johnson).  

Supported Living Community:

On-site COVID testing:

All members of the supported living community (both clients and staff) will have a rapid COVID test performed on Tuesdays (this is only once a week).


General Supported Living Community Clients:


When going out in public, clients and staff need to wear a mask, since we are not sure who is vaccinated.   When outings are with anyone other than staff, we are asking that friends/family members complete our COVID screening questionnaire and do not visit if anyone is not feeling well.  We are not testing friends and family who visit, but they do need to complete our COVID questionnaires. 

Visits outside of the Supported Living Community:

  • Clients may visit their families/friends in their homes or in outdoor spaces in the community now.
  • Clients can now go to the grocery store with staff.
  • Clients can do outdoor activities like tennis and golf.
  • Clients can go to indoor faith services or other community activities.


Family Visits at the SLC: Allowed only when client and family member is fully vaccinated

Transition house clients:

  • Same testing and vaccination requirements as general SLC clients.
  • Transition houses serve as separate houses for clients who wish to obtain employment or volunteer work that is not remote. These houses will be considered higher risk, since clients will be increasing their potential level of exposure to COVID-19 by going out into the community.   Clients in this house are able to go to work, visit families and/or to grocery stores.
  • Members of the transitional houses who are employed and/or in school will have a rapid COVID test performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Members of the transitional houses who are employed and/or in school will be able to eat meals at the main house, but should wear a mask when socializing at the main house.
  • In-person care coordination should have both staff members wearing KN95 masks when indoors.

Individual Support Service Clients:

  • In person visits require staff to wear masks indoors and for clients and staff to be fully vaccinated.
  • In person visits also require completing our COVID client screen form with staff in advance of the visit.

PPE is provided by Help in the Home- please contact the Administrative Assistant in order to make sure you have adequate PPE for your appointments (and remember to leave time for supplies to be mailed to you if needed).

If you have any questions or concerns about our plan, feel free to reach out to Stacy and Rayetta at (866)-967-9994.