Behind the Scenes with Two of our SLC Members

We have a special treat for you today!

Last month, we walked you through our Supported Living Community, including its Scarborough location and family-knit ambience. We recounted three ‘day in the life’ accounts, too, on what it’s like to live at our SLC.

Today, we have the honor to share with you interviews directly from two of our community members, Joe and Eric, on what it’s like to live, be supported, and thrive at our SLC. Read on to get their stories below.

Joseph (Joe) + Eric

The interview below shares a snippet of life from the perspectives of two of our community members: Joe and Eric. Joe and Eric have a unique and incredible journey that led them to Help in the Home and our SLC. First, here’s a little bit of background about each of them:


Joe is a graduate of a prestigious high school, Landon, in Bethesda, MD,  and has a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.  He also earned a Doctorate of Theology from the Progressive Universal Life Church. Joe currently attends a day program at CBH Life Skills three mornings a week. He possesses musical talent, playing both the keyboard and the guitar.

Joe has schizophrenia, but it does not define who he is. Joe currently meets with HITH staff weekly to assist with chores and maintain his room. He requires regular monitoring of his responsibilities, especially of his bathroom and his room, but he works very well with staff guidance. Joe’s Care Coordinator accompanies him to medical appointments, and he likes having transportation to social outings. He is a regular participant in community meetings and monthly cookouts. Outside of his scheduled appointments, Joe spends time with friends in the Scarborough neighborhood and continues to have a very close relationship with his mom, Penny, and his brother, Rob.

Joe is very kind, and consistently tells staff how appreciative he is of their help and care!


Eric has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Eric was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type. He currently works part-time at Hertz Car Rental four days a week. Hertz rates Eric as a great employee! He drives himself to all appointments with his Cornerstone Montgomery Job Coach and his health care providers.

Eric enjoys watercolor painting, singing in the choir at his church, and engaging actively in physical activities, like walking, running, and bicycle rides. Eric has a close relationship with his mother, step-father, aunt and uncle who live in Virginia, and other relatives. Eric remains in touch with his father, who lives outside the area.

The Interviews

HITH: What’s it like living at Scarborough?

Joe: Living in the supported living community is a friendly, safe, secure, and happy place. I’m surrounded by friends and people who love me. I live with Eric, and we get along splendidly. He blows me away with mathematics.

HITH: What is your favorite thing about this SLC? What is something you love to do here?

Eric: I love to talk to people, the other residents and staff. When I am home alone, I like to go talk to our staff: Luis, Isha, Raven, and Walter. I can talk to them about almost anything. It helps move my day along when it is going slow.

Joe: I love little Adam, my friend. He entertains me. We talk about baseball, news, and he quizzes me with trivia.

HITH: What makes you feel at home at Scarborough?

Joe + Eric: The overall environment, it just feels like an extended family, and this is a place where I maintain my dignity.

HITH: How do the Community Managers support you?

Joe: Our Community Managers look out after our general health and welfare, they monitor our medication, provide transportation, and make getting to activities convenient. They also feed us very well – which is a huge bonus 🙂

Eric: They make sure everything goes smoothly. For example, getting to and from doctors appointments and work.  

HITH: How do you care for others in your community?

Joe: By extending a hand of friendship. I am enjoying a weekly Bible Study with Dianne, another community member. She is Baptist, and I am Episcopalian and we like having coffee, reading sections of the Epistles, and discussing them on a weekly basis.

Joe has his Bachelors in Theology.

Eric: I work and live in a way that sets an example for others. I have a full life, with many responsibilities, work, and activities with my church and family. I want others to see that they can have a full life while living here. I also enjoy organizing and leading a weekly Art Group for community members.

Eric has his Bachelors in Fine Arts.

We hope you enjoyed Joe and Eric’s interviews, and that it reflected our standard of living: everyone is family. At the end of the day, our mission is for our Community Members to feel warmth, connected with others (staff and other Community Members alike!), supported, included, and valued. Our Community Members feel safe, build friendships, and are appreciated for their talents, skills, and heart. Our hope is to lighten the load and bring joy because this is where our heart is. It gives us such pleasure and happiness to be a part of a team that supports this philosophy, too!

For more information about our SLC, click HERE. Call us at 866-967-9994 or send us a message HERE.

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