So What’s a Care Coordinator?

In a previous blog, we shared all about the Community Managers that make our Supported Living Community the safe, stable and enjoyable community that it is. Today, we want to deep dive into our Care Coordinators that are the bedrock of our Individual Support Services.

Beyond their titles, credentials and experience, when we really get down to the nuts and bolts of who fits the criteria of an excellent Care Coordinator, some of the first few thoughts that come to mind have to do with the character traits they embody.

Our Care Coordinators are compassionate, flexible, and understanding individuals that are full of heart. They’re excellent communicators, the biggest cheerleaders of your successes and wins (however big or small), and they always find a way to be grateful regardless of the circumstances. We often refer to our Care Coordinators as the glue that holds our clients team together. 

But what are some of the practical ways these important character traits translate for our clients?

For starters, our Care Coordinators keep both the big picture and all the small steps in between in mind. In some cases, the steps to achieve a goal are less of a concern than recognizing the value, progress and successes that have already happened that need to be highlighted and honored. In other cases, the in between steps are of vital importance. Everyday tasks such as meeting with clients in person or virtually, monitoring medicine, grocery shopping, scheduling appointments, and transportation to and from those appointments are the ways they serve and add value to their clients life.

Regardless of where a client falls within that spectrum, their Care Coordinator supports them and helps them to create connections with others, as community is a core value at Help in the Home.  

The time our Care Coordinators spend with clients is 1:1. For that reason, we do not schedule staff for more than 35 client hours a week to ensure that both our clients and staff live their best “whole-balanced” life NOW.

We’re so grateful for the Help in the Home Care Coordinators that are not only trained and experienced in working with clinically and medically complex clients but also for the amount of support they offer that makes a visible difference in the quality of their clients lives.

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