Client-Centered, Team-Guided Spotlight: Dianne

For over a decade, Help in the Home has been a privately owned agency that provides personalized care through support and community to help adults with complex mental health needs achieve stability, independence, and inclusion.

Our team focuses on building an alliance of trust and making sure our community members know that we will stand by them throughout their journey. Connection and joy are at the center of why we do what we do.

This year, we will begin giving a more in-depth view into who our clients are, how they’ve courageously partnered with our team to find joy in the midst of their illness, and how Help in the Home has facilitated a team of professionals and treatment providers to help them get there. 

Without further ado, we’d like to share more about Dianne’s story.

Dianne and more of her story…

Dianne has battled major depression for most of her adult life. Before coming to HITH, Dianne lived alone and hospitalizations were a frequent occurrence. For the past 9 years, Dianna has lived within our Supported Living Community (SLC)  and has collaborated with our team to get the help she needs when symptoms increase.

Strengths and Struggles

All who know Dianne, know that resilience, intelligence and independence are at the core of who she is. Like many of us though, her biggest struggle has been extending herself kindness and grace when depression makes it difficult to function. Learning to allow herself  this and to see that reaching out and accepting support is indeed a sign of strength has been a major feat for her. Dianne now appreciates the power of synergizing with others and has identified that as a way to overcome the symptoms of depression.

Goals and Checkpoints

The first goal we had for Dianne was to go 6 months without being hospitalized. Stability and incremental progress are the difference maker in the life of a person with a Severe Mental Illness. From there, our next goal for Dianne was to have support with everyday life activities such as regular routines, exercise, staying up to date with paying bills, connecting with family and friends, and keeping up with regular medical appointments.

Just as important, Dianne enjoys going to her team for support with planning activities like going on a cruise or flying to a family reunion, and visiting her children (pre-COVID). Her struggle with depression continues but she is not in it alone.

**Through COVID, our focus for Dianne has been on staying connected with others.


The changes, rhythms and routines, and support has made a remarkable difference for Dianne. Aside from the wins shared above, most recently, Dianne has been hosting tea time for the SLC and attending (and sometimes leading!) a virtual support group. She makes us very proud!

Dianne’s Support Team

Because HITH supports treatment, we worked closely with Dianne’s psychiatrist, Dr. Anca Zinnes, and two therapists who accepted her insurance — Elizabeth Stellhorn and Ellen Lessans.  When Dianne first arrived with us, she attended a partial hospitalization program and a day program.

What Dianne had to say…

The staff are available 24/7 and put the client first. They look at all aspects of my life from everyday needs such as needing a print cartridge, to fun things like organizing a vacation or really important things such as accessing TMS treatments for my depression. No one person makes the decision. Each need is approached the same way, before making a decision the team is consulted and I check-in with the team before moving forward. I really like having a team to rely on and feeling like I am at the center of the team.”

We love you Dianne and are honored to do life with you!

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