Our Interview with Tom Parker from Lindner Center of HOPE

In 2020 we had the pleasure of getting to work 1:1 with Lindner Center of HOPE. In the process of finding the right resources at the right time for a Help in the Home client, we forged a relationship and developed admiration for a treatment center done right!

To give you context, a client’s son was being discharged from a local hospital after being involuntarily hospitalized. He was not stable enough to succeed in our SLC yet also did not meet criteria to stay in the hospital. The Lindner Center worked with us to gather information and complete an assessment within 48 hrs and accepted the admission on a weekend.

As a business that advocates and believes in the client-centered, team-guided approach, their treatment model was truly collaborative and client centered as well. We were sold!

Tom Parker, LISW, Director of External Relations and member of the spiritual care team is one of the many people who exemplified Lindner Center’s mission.

Enjoy our interview with Tom and Lindner Center of HOPE!

Our Interview

Q: Tom, thanks so much for joining us! Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do at the Lindner Center of HOPE?

Thanks for having me! I’m an independent licensed social worker, ordained pastor and member of Lindner Center of HOPE’s marketing and spiritual care teams. Prior to COVID, I spent most of my time on the road meeting with treatment professionals and programs throughout the US. During COVID, I’ve been able to connect with Europe through Zoom meetings and conferences and I plan to begin meeting in person again with programs and professionals! Recently I’ve been able to take a look at Help in the Homes neighborhood access to services and the value that provides current and future clients. I really enjoy helping families connect with the appropriate treatment providers. I  see it as part of my marketing role and pastoral care vocation.

Q: For people who may not know, what exactly does Lindner Center of HOPE do? 

Lindner Center of HOPE is a lodge-like, state of the science mental health facility located in Northern Cincinnati on 26 acres. Patients come to Lindner Center for stabilization, diagnostic assessment and intensive treatment.  Our staff of MD’s and upper level clinicians all work onsite, full time and add a depth and widths of experience to the Lindner experience. Patients start with a 10-day program and can add weeks as needed. Every patient takes part in a feedback session with their treatment team to review assessments, evaluations, observations, testing and next step recommendations.

Q:  What is it about Lindner’s approach that differs from other treatment centers? Why do you believe this approach is powerful and effective in treating people with SMI?

Aside from our distinctive brain trust of full-time highly credentialed MD’s, psychologists and upper level clinicians in a variety of mental health specialties, we also have an onsite research center, presently working on a major Bipolar study with Mayo Clinic. We’re always learning, exploring and researching to improve our approach. Yet, Lindner’s DNA also has a heart for serving others. The Lindner Family are actively involved in the Center’s ability to serve those in need and our Midwest staff all have a smile!

Q: What are some takeaways that you could share about continuing to operate through a pandemic? 

There’s so much, but the most important takeaway has been that safety comes first and the doors need to stay open! Period. Our staff has continued to wear masks and shields when working with patients to make sure that we can continue to treat our patients in the safest possible way.

Q: Tom, you wrote a book during the pandemic! Wow! Tell our readers more about it.

I did! Over the past year I wrote Backyard Reflections, A Novel Pandemic Journey. Each chapter is a reflection on life during the pandemic. In my “normal” life pre-pandemic, I spent a number of years on the road between airports and hotel lobbies. But this COVID journey was something that I now see as a much-needed departure from the hectic and fast paced life and most importantly, needed time with the Divine. While spending many mornings in my home office and outdoors with Creation, this book was born. Perhaps the most special part about writing Backyard Reflections was getting the opportunity to share it with the Lindner Staff, of over 350 strong, to help bring peace in the midst of the pandemic. 

Some Final Thoughts

Much like Tom’s warm and familiar personality, the Lindner team members we met along the fast paced process of helping one of our own, was consistent every step of the way. Like Help in the Home, Lindner values a collaborative approach. Whether regularly held team meetings to report on progress and collaborate on discharge, including psychiatrists, therapists, residential staff, and the client – the communication we experienced was excellent and provided for a smooth and successful transition to our supported living community. 

Though time consuming, the collaborative approach is effective because it builds trust. Simply put, people are more likely to be invested in treatment when they are part of the process. The dignity that comes from having an expert in the field recognize that you are an expert regarding your needs, hopes, and dreams and actually partner with you in creating a treatment plan communicates the regard they have for their patients and that their voice is being heard.

Thank you Tom and Lindner Center of HOPE for joining us! To learn more about the Lindner Center of HOPE, visit their site at www.lindnercenterofhope.org


Win a Copy of Backyard Reflections!

We will be raffling off two copies of Tom Parker’s book, Backyard Reflections, A Novel Pandemic Journey on Help in the Home’s Facebook page, Thursday, April 22nd. The winners will be announced on Monday, April 26th.

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