Client-Centered, Team-Guided Spotlight: Will & Amanda

For over a decade, Help in the Home has been a privately owned agency that provides personalized care through support and community to help adults with complex mental health needs achieve stability, independence, and inclusion.Our team focuses on building an alliance of trust and making sure our community members know that we will stand by them throughout their journey. Connection and joy are at the center of why we do what we do.

In this installment of our Client-Centered, Team-Guided series, we’re bringing you a special spotlight on one of our Supported Living Community members, Will, and his mother, Amanda.

These in-depth features that introduce you to our amazing clients allow us to share in more detail how they’ve courageously partnered with our team alongside their loved ones. Our goal in sharing their story is to remind our readers that joy CAN be found in the midst of an illness. Without further ado, we’d like to share more about Will’s story.

Will and more of his story…

Will’s mental health journey traces back to 2010 when signs of depression and suicidal ideation began. From medications to doctors and treatment centers – Will was formally diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Over the years, Will’s treatment has ranged from residential mental health facilities, medication, and finding routines that brought stability into his life. 

When the pandemic happened in 2020, like the rest of the world, routines and normalcy were disrupted overnight. For the past year, HITH has supported Will and his mother, Amanda, through a combination of services ranging from family consultation, bringing in the appropriate emergency treatment providers and as of this post, residence at our Supported Living Community.

Strengths and Struggles

Prior to the pandemic, Will was working a job he enjoyed and had gotten past the sedative effects phase of his medications. At the onset of the pandemic, he was placed on paid leave from work and was still in a housing transition. As is so common with individuals with SMI, he stopped taking his medication and had a psychotic episode that lasted several months. We met Will while he was in crisis and through our Family Consultation services – were able to quickly jump into action.

Will’s strengths were without a doubt his willingness and desire to collaborate with the HITH team to stabilize himself again. Will’s kind and caring demeanor allowed us to make progress quickly – while Amanda’s openness to direction brought peace into their world beyond just Will.

Goals and Checkpoints

Our first goal was to stabilize Will and ensure his safety. To do so, we coordinated 1:1 support with Sober Escorts to get Will back to taking Clozapine regularly and to have a companion while securing a spot in a treatment program. While that was being coordinated, the next goal was to find an in-person treatment program that would accept Will as quickly as possible during COVID times. Because Will was in crisis – the primary goal was stabilization.

Our secondary goal was to secure a spot in our Supported Living Community for Will as well as regular volunteer opportunities that provided structure to Will’s week’s and allowed him to make new relationships.


Receiving admission to the Lindner Center of Hope within a few days during the height of the COVID pandemic was a huge win. It allowed Will, Amanda and HITH to experience the first-class treatment and expertise they provide and to forge a new relationship. Having Will agree to go back on Clozaril and recognizing it as a helpful medication, while developing relationships with a great treatment and support team was a win too! Will has been in our supported living community for almost a year and his volunteer job turned into full-time paid employment!

For Amanda, the often forgotten half of this equation, has shared that her anxiety and sleepless nights have decreased and that her faith and hope in the future for her son has been restored!

Will’s Support Team

We worked closely with Will’s treatment team at the Lindner Center of Hope and put together a strong support system at HITH that included Rayetta (co-founder and family consultant) Ashia & Walter (care coordinators), Edna (community manager), a companion from Sober Escorts, Will’s therapist that he sees twice a week and psychiatrist that he sees monthly.

What Will & Amanda had to say…

Amanda: “I love how HITH looks at a person’s entire life including family, friends, work, and social engagement.  They are about adding joy to life and providing consistent support as needs change. They provide the right blend of support and freedom, plus people who really listen and guide.  I am encouraged knowing they have support in place to prevent crises as well and to walk us through any that may arise. HITH’s support renewed my hope and faith in the future and I believe it has done the same for Will.”

Will: “It has been almost a year since I’ve been at Help in the Home and this has been one of the best residential support programs that I’ve been in. There’s a lot of freedom to go at my own pace and to do what is fulfilling to me. For me, it’s working and being out in the world. I love the staff here! They are great and loving people and they really do care.”

We’re so proud of you Will and Amanda and are grateful that you’re a part of our HITH family and community.

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