November Newsletter

We had an incredible conversation with author and negotiation expert, Mori Taheripour, about her book, Bring Yourself, How to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly. As mothers, wives, business owners and human beings, we are constantly negotiating throughout our day. We are so grateful for this wonderful gift Mori has given us through her book, and still in disbelief that she agreed to discuss it with our community!

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One of our guiding principles at Help in the Home is believing that growth comes from accepting ourselves as we are. As you might imagine, we were so relieved to learn from Mori’s book that showing up as our authentic selves is the best way to negotiate! Believe it or not, some of the “secret ingredients” to being an effective negotiator were things that we already value and try to put into practice! Openness, vulnerability, compassion and inclusion are just some of the key strategies of effective negotiation that we were able to explore during our talk with Mori.

Effective negotiation; asking for what you need, and getting it, can literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE. But it’s certainly easier said than done! So here it is, our gift to you, a link to the video and our monthly blog featuring, our conversation with Mori Taheripour.


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