Introducing Help in the Home Clinical Services

We are acutely aware of the gap in services available for individuals who navigate life with a severe mental illness or neurodivergence diagnosis. In order to meet that need, we would like to announce the opening of Help in the Home Clinical Services! Staying true to our mission of meeting the needs of our clients and their families, we are ready to fill you in on all this new endeavor has to offer our community. 

Help in the Home Clinical Services (HITHCS), now a partner business of Help in the Home, fills the need for seamlessly coordinated care, where all providers work in sync with each other in support of the client’s goals.  We’ve worked tirelessly to build a team of therapists that truly meet our community where they are- whether that be working with them in their homes or out in the community to build skills, increase tolerance, and improve overall well being.

Keep reading to learn more about our new endeavor and the benefits it will provide.

Services We Provide at Help in the Home Clinical Services

Quality support services are an absolute necessity to properly care for the SMI community, and the need for trained professionals is a vital piece to the puzzle. HITH-CS began offering the following services September 1, 2023:

  • Individual psychotherapy 
  • Therapeutic skill building 
  • Care coordination with other treatment team members
  • In-home psychotherapy
  • Family therapy and support

Client-Centered Approach

Our approach prioritizes well-being through psychotherapy, skill development, relationship building and community integration. We build a family environment where people can be themselves, feel at home, and trust their therapeutic team and peers. Our clients become part of the Help in the Home family.    

How we accomplish this at HITH-CS:

  • Our therapists work collaboratively and meet clients where they are (in their homes and within the community)
  • Families receive support too
  • Therapists specialize in working with clients who struggle with severe mental illness and with neurodiverse clientele  
  • Flexible care plan that evolves as clients needs evolve

Meet the Team

Our founders, Stacy Derrick and Rayetta Michael, knew that HITHCS needed a Clinical Supervisor that had an established relationship and repertoire  within the Help in the Home community. Sarah Harte, a psychotherapist, will be the Clinical Supervisor of HITH-CS. Sarah earned her Master of Social Work from New York University, and a specialty certification in Clinical Supervision and has over 20 years of experience within the severe mental illness community. Sarah brings her knowledge of building teams and encouraging a workplace culture where mental health professionals can build satisfying, sustainable, and healthy careers. 

Help in the Home Clinical Services is a team of mission-driven, licensed professionals, who are dedicated to providing psychotherapy and related mental health management services to individuals and their loved ones. We strive to provide the support you need to heal and develop the skills to live a vibrant life with purpose, meaning, and dignity. We prioritize a holistic approach to care, working closely with you and your supporters, as well as other providers, to create a comprehensive treatment plan. 


To Schedule Your Initial Consultation-

Email Sarah Harte

Call us at (301) 388-8112

Fax (833) 427-1432

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