Shining the Light on our Client-Centered, Team-Guided Approach

Help in the Home has been dedicated to offering personalized care and fostering a sense of community for adults with complex mental health needs for over 15 years. Our mission is to build a strong bond of trust with our community members, assuring them that we will be there for them every step of the way.

Despite any obstacles or moments of frustration, we remain hopeful and committed to motivating our clients to strive towards their goals. Ultimately, our work is driven by the desire to create meaningful connections and bring joy into the lives of those we serve.

With the year drawing to a close and the final installment of the 2023 series of Client-Centered, Team-Guided blogs, we want to shift our focus towards the specialized care provided to one particular client. Joining our community merely a year ago, this individual’s journey began after a two-week hospitalization. The hospital stay was a consequence of a distressing mental health episode, which was further compounded by extreme fatigue and a lack of sleep. Unfortunately, our client also had to navigate through a series of arduous personal circumstances, including the loss of their father and significant health issues faced by their mother, with whom they shared a home.

A 30 Year Journey

Our client’s journey with us began after an astonishing 30 years of success and stability. During this time, this client lived independently in their own apartment and shaped their life through a well-structured daily routine and a remarkable support network of family and outpatient therapists. With the aid of their treatment and medication, particularly the life-altering Clozaril, the client had achieved stability over time. However, the outbreak of the COVID pandemic introduced drastic changes, disrupting their routine, sleep patterns, and social connections.

Life Turned Upside Down

A year ago, due to the unfortunate combination of COVID, family tragedy, and sleeplessness, their health took a turn for the worse and they had to be hospitalized. Thankfully, this client was able to move back in with their family during this difficult time. It was around this period that they reached out to Help in the Home for assistance. The client’s sister, who was responsible for their support, had to juggle caring for their aging mother and was desperately in need of support from others.

The richness of our client’s life was evident in their wide range of interests, from engaging in various activities to cherishing time spent with friends, and expressing their creativity through poetry and painting. Moreover, their genuine care and compassion towards others set them apart. Unfortunately, they faced a crisis that disrupted their ability to fully enjoy life and connect with others. This individual’s journey involved overcoming instability and reclaiming the joy of living, as they yearned for meaningful connections once again.

Joy in the Middle of the Storm

For a significant period of time, the client experienced frequent hospitalizations and discharges. Help in the Home’s Supported Living Community played a crucial role in providing the necessary support, alongside the assistance of Sober Escorts who offered in-home support. When the family was unable to provide sufficient help, Help in the Home assembled a team of skilled professionals who offered a combination of home healthcare support, care coordination, and ongoing medication management.

Additionally, the client’s hearing impairment and cochlear implant posed a challenge for direct communication. However, the care team found innovative ways to effectively communicate and establish a successful relationship with the client, while also collaborating with other medical specialists. 

One of our client’s greatest strengths was the unwavering support from their family. We know that a strong network is imperative to long-term stability and by working closely with the family, the hospital, and external providers to coordinate comprehensive care, it allowed for a more holistic approach. By maintaining constant communication, we swiftly and efficiently devised a plan to address the crisis and establish a path towards lasting stability. The family and Help in the Home both relied on trusted partnerships with numerous other exceptional providers and organizations to form a distinctive and holistic team, dedicated to supporting the client and their family in their specific situation. The biggest win? Hearing our client’s family express their gratitude towards the SLC team, emphasizing our kindness and the genuine connection their loved one formed with everyone they worked with.

Overcoming Crisis

The family’s therapist, who had worked with them for a long period of time, recommended Help in the Home to assist them in achieving a safe and successful discharge from the hospital. The main objective was to stabilize the crisis situation and help the family regain a higher level of independence through appropriate medication, community support, and socialization. The family needed a reliable team to provide the necessary support, and that’s when they connected with co-founder, Rayetta Michael, on our team. Rayetta is known for her responsiveness and empathetic nature, always ready to provide solutions to support our clients and their families. .

In the beginning, the family and the support team at Help in the Home were in constant communication, coordinating efforts on a weekly, and sometimes even daily basis to navigate through crisis situations. As the support team structure developed, the frequency of communication fluctuated. Now, the client is stable, and enjoying life once again. The family still has bi-weekly Family Consultation sessions with the Help in the Home team, while their loved one continues to receive weekly visits from their Care Coordinator.

A Year Later

It has been just over a year since we started working together and what a difference a year can make! The client initially joined us as an SLC client and later as ISS client, in addition to Family Consultation for the family. This client is in a positive state of mind and settled in a comfortable new home with caring providers. They have resumed their hobbies, frequently socialize with others, and are immensely grateful to their team for all the assistance they have received.

Living independently became challenging for the client due to life changes, but our team has been there to navigate the ebbs and flow of the past year. The client now resides in a fantastic senior living setting, surrounded by accessible providers who visit them regularly. The family is grateful for the safety net and excellent crisis planning provided by Help in the Home. They find comfort in knowing that the level of care can be adjusted as needed and that we will always be there to support them during any changes.

This support and dedication comes from countless individuals, such as the staff at Help in the Home, the outpatient therapist, psychiatrists, medical specialists, the team at Sober Escorts, and the medical staff at the senior living residence. Our role as the team lead has been to consistently maintain open lines of communication with all relevant parties and actively engage the family at every step of the way.

A note from our client

The family expressed their gratitude, stating, “We feel incredibly supported in this journey. Without this kind of support, it would have been impossible. It’s just too much for one person.” The client’s mother couldn’t help but wonder, “Where on earth do Rayetta and Stacy find all these amazing people?!” They acknowledged that the mental health journey can be isolating, but they are forever thankful for the support they have received. Rayetta has been a fierce advocate for their family member, and the expertise and knowledge provided by her and the Help in the Home team is unmatched. The client and their family want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone involved in their care. It truly has been a collaborative effort.

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