Our SLC is a Place to Call Home

You’ve heard directly from our Supported Living Community members about life at Help in the Home, and you’ve read a few “day in the life” accounts of what it’s like to live in one of our communities.


But another dimension of our Supported Living Community is fostering relationships with the family members of our community members. No one lives in a vacuum, so everyone here has a family and team of supporters who play important roles in a community members’ journey.

That’s why it’s so important to us – and part of our overall mission – to keep all families in the loop. We communicate consistently, frequently, and openly with family members so we can bring them peace of mind about their loved ones. We believe that open communication, integrating family members into our HITH family, and making them feel valued is key for a seamless journey with us.

We spoke with Ellen, whose son Eddie has been living in one of our SLCs for over a year now. We chatted with her about what she loves about HITH, how its empowered Eddie, and plus, how her own life has changed since Eddie moved in with his two roommates:


The Interview


HITH: What were you looking for when selecting an SLC for your son, Eddie?


ELLEN: I was looking for an individualized living situation. I wanted a place where he would be comfortable, safe and supported, and able to progress and expand his activities on his own schedule – not in a group or program schedule. He is a pretty unique guy.


HITH: What do you love most about our SLC?


ELLEN: I love that while he is so well-supported, he is also learning to navigate social situations and develop critical life skills, especially how to be considerate of others.


HITH: How has our SLC treated your son?


ELLEN: Eddie is given a lot of support and attention; at the same time, HITH recognizes he can progress. He is being treated as a young man who can progress and will progress on his own timetable.


HITH: How has HITH kept you involved with Eddie’s progress?


ELLEN: Help in the Home has involved me fully – since early on in the adjustment and transition phases, then on a regular, ongoing basis. We all talk regularly to celebrate Eddies’ successes. Being involved with other community members and their family members in celebrations is so meaningful, especially with the annual cookouts and last year’s tenth-anniversary celebration.


HITH: How has Eddie living in our SLC changed your life?


ELLEN: It means so much to me to have him close to home. He is doing so well that I do not worry that some disaster is about to happen. Even when he hits bumps in the road, they are handled, and we move forward. It is so wonderful to have him safe, comfortable, and close by. Then to see the progress he is making – and that is due to the staff!


For Eddie being so young, there is so much progress that I see possible for him, and to find a place where that can be nurtured and supported in an individualized fashion is wonderful.


HITH gives him a place to live on his own (away from home) so he can make progress while providing all the support he needs to feel safe and confident in his abilities to advance.



We know how difficult it can be for families and friends when their loved ones are away from home in a Supported Living Community. That’s why we focus on including our community members’ families and support teams in everything we do! We keep family members – like Ellen – as part of our HITH family, and make them feel just as supported in the process as the community members themselves. Together, we celebrate successes, connect with all parts of our SLC teams, offer warmth and love to everyone – all with our whole heart involved!


For more information about our SLC, click HERE. We have five vacancies open so call us at 866-967-9994 or send us a message HERE for a free consultation call.


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