Understanding the Difference Between Mental Health Support vs. Treatment

Not too long ago we had a consultation call with a father inquiring about our Individual Support Services. Though he understood the various features that this service provided, it was unclear to him what the benefits would be for him and his loved ones day to day life. 

Let’s dig deeper.

What’s the difference between Support Services and Treatment

The first difference  to understand is that Individual Support Services is NOT traditional treatment that a therapist or psychiatrist would provide. Instead, we define Individual Support Services as a 1:1 relationship between the client and our Care Coordinators. While this is still a professional role, it’s different from treatment because our Care Coordinators are walking alongside our clients while they are doing the work.

This can be anything from meeting with clients in person or virtually, monitoring medicine, grocery shopping, scheduling appointments, and transportation to and from those appointments. Individual Support Services is especially valuable when a client is working with more than one professional because the Care Coordinator can help clients keep the big picture in mind and act as the glue that holds all of the pieces together.

Our Individual Support Services are ideal for clients who are wanting to receive support while living on their own or with their family. These clients are typically happy in their current living situation but realize that having additional professional support could help them be more consistent in following through with treatment recommendations so they can reach their goals and live a more joyful and purposeful life.

How our Care Coordinators improve the day-to-day life of a caregiver

Our Care Coordinators are trained and experienced in working with clinically and medically complex clients. Often our clients are seeing a psychiatrist or therapist in addition to receiving support from their Care Coordinator.

But what happens in between sessions with a therapist or psychiatrist? Who’s keeping track of the logistics, planning, and accountability? 

Mental health support should be considered when someone is struggling to hold themselves accountable to treatment recommendations and having trouble reaching their goals on their own. Often in cases of people with SMI, their family members assume the role of caretaker. While this is well-intentioned, it can often be difficult for families to hold their loved ones accountable because it can create an enormous amount of tension and conflict within the relationship. 

Individual Support Services look different from client to client. Before starting services each client completes a comprehensive needs assessment and from that assessment an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed.

For some, Individual Support Services can look like coordination with their treatment providers to monitor medication and figure out preventative care measures they need to take. For others it can look like helping plan their daily or weekly activities when they’re struggling with creating a meaningful routine. Sometimes this will mean partnering up with our clients for exercise, sports, or other fun activities like concerts or going to a new restaurant. In other instances, we even help out with meal planning or grocery shopping. One of our guiding principles is client-centered and team-guided which is why each client’s plan is so unique to them. It is designed in collaboration with the client and their treatment team to help them achieve their goals. 

Some of our clients are looking for a community living situation like our Supported Living Community (SLC). Typically these clients are socially isolated and can benefit from building healthy relationships with other people while receiving 24/7 professional support from a Community Manager and dedicated Care Coordinator. 

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