Kicking off the Year with a Team Member Spotlight: Shawn Campbell

Here at Help in the Home, we’d describe the severe mental illness (SMI) community as a vibrant group of people that also happen to face ever-changing circumstances regularly. Throughout these sometimes unpredictable shifts, the support of skilled mental health professionals makes navigating the nuances and how it affects other areas of their lives a bit easier.

We’ve made it our mission to find joy amidst any circumstances in order to provide the best care for our clients. Our dedicated team members embody this philosophy each day, ensuring that our community members receive the utmost support. To kick off the year, we are thrilled to introduce our Program Manager, Shawn Campbell.

In his short time with the team, Shawn’s energy and impact has been infectious and undeniable. Enjoy this brief Q&A with Shawn. We know you’ll love him as much as we do.

Our Interview with Shawn Campbell

Q: Shawn, tell our readers a bit about yourself!

A: Hello, my name is Shawn Campbell, the Program Manager overseeing the Supported Living Community (SLC) at Help in the Home. I have devoted several years to the field of Social Work, having gotten my MSW from Howard University and a BA from Strayer University. As a native Washingtonian, my connections span across DC, North Carolina, the South, Europe, and the Middle East. I have deep passion in fostering genuine connections with people, especially those on the transformative journey of mental health awareness and self-improvement.

Q: What inspired you to get involved and make a career for yourself in the mental health space?

A: Driven by my desire to contribute to the mental health field and apply the expertise I have acquired over the years, I diligently searched for the right opportunity. It was then that Help in the Home presented me with the ideal role of SLC Program Manager. The inspiring story of Stacy and Rayetta, who identified a critical element lacking in the care provided to residents in group homes and psychiatric rehabilitation programs, was the motivation to pursue this position.

Q: What do you find most captivating about the work you do and the people you work with?

A: What I find truly captivating about being the SLC Program Manager is the ability to cultivate an environment where our community members can flourish despite their mental health challenges. In this leadership position, I am responsible for collaborating with the support team of our clients to ensure their needs and individual goals are prioritized. Although there may be challenges, I embrace the role as an opportunity for personal growth and consistently making valuable contributions that drive our team to succeed.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that the source of genuine joy resides within ourselves and cannot be granted by another individual. It is truly enlightening to uncover that the most potent way to awaken this inner joy is by embracing kindness, offering words of encouragement, and providing steadfast support. I love that about my job!

Q: With the unpredictable nature of your role, what’s your “secret sauce” for ensuring you show up and lead the way you intend to?

A: The secret sauce for staying focused and centered is a powerful combination of mindfulness and compassion. As the SLC Program Manager, I have to rely on these two qualities to guide me throughout the day. Without them, I would feel completely off balance. By practicing mindfulness and approaching each moment with compassion, I am able to maintain clarity and a positive mindset when faced with various situations.

We all know how our emotions can get the best of us and can create challenging conditions that can sometimes overwhelm our emotions. However, a mindful approach helps you remain open and receptive instead of resistant. Also, extending compassion towards our clients creates an atmosphere of kindness, acceptance, and patience. This not only benefits the clients but also enriches their overall experience.

Q: Once it’s all said and done, what impact do you hope to make within the HITH community in 2024 and beyond?

A: I have unwavering motivation to work in the mental and behavioral field that stems from within. I recognize the immense requirement for support among individuals grappling with mental health issues throughout the country. As a Program Manager, I take immense satisfaction in knowing that my efforts help bridge the gap and provide assistance to those who cannot voice their needs or confront the numerous obstacles they encounter.


We hope you enjoyed this interview with Shawn as much as we did!

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