March Newsletter

March is Social Work Month. One of the reasons we attract, train, and hire social workers is their commitment to social justice. Advocacy is one of our core values and each year we take intentional steps to increase these efforts to help improve the lives of our clients and the world they live in. For example, last year, one of our social work interns created an advocacy policy that made advocacy efforts a job requirement for all employees. This year, our Program Manager, Shawn Campbell, is amplifying that policy and is in the process of creating an internal advocacy committee to help encourage more advocacy efforts and engagement from staff.

Advocacy is an important part of our commitment to Servant Leadership because it’s contagious. It’s something our staff is inspired to do and our clients as well. Creating an atmosphere where clients feel empowered to advocate for themselves and others is part of the magic of community.

For example, this month’s Client-Centered, Team-Guided was inspired by a request from the client whom it features. You may remember Will and his mom Amanda from a previous blog. Will reached out to us again recently to ask if he could share more about his journey with Clozaril and how it’s helping him achieve his goals. Head over to our blog to read all about his transformation and check out this month’s newsletter.

Advocacy: Coming together as a community to create change.

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