A Supported Living Community that Breaks the Mold

For 15 years, our Supported Living Community (SLC) has been a unique solution for those suffering from severe mental illness and in need of added support throughout the D.C. Metropolitan area. Help in the Home began as a missing piece of support in the mental health space for individuals who needed something different than group homes and psychiatric rehabilitation programs.

Co-founders, Rayetta Michael and Stacy Derrick, watched family after family being forced to outsource parts of their loved ones’ care to agencies missing mental health expertise and the continuity that was critical for long-term stability. So they created a solution.

It all started with just two houses, four clients and five staff and has evolved and grown. We now have six townhomes and more than 15 staff members who serve both our SLC and ISS clients living in the DC metro area.

You may be wondering what makes the SLC an “outside of the box” option? Let’s jump in!

A Place to Call Home

When your loved one becomes a part of the Help in the Home community, they’re not just becoming a client, they’re becoming a part of a community that we hope feels like a home to call their own.  Needing extra support and care should always come with dignity and a sense of belonging. Whether staying with us as a transition towards the next step of independent living or a lifetime option, we have curated the onboarding process with our community members in mind.

Clients ease into our community by first staying in our central townhouse that you may hear us refer to as the “hub”.  This is the heartbeat of our community and the best place to get acquainted with our staff, fellow community members, and day to day rhythms and routines.  Here we are able to monitor everyone’s safety closely by monitoring medications, sharing meals, and serving as the central gathering place. Throughout the year we congregate here for everyday activities, meals, holidays, and celebrations.  Once our clients are settled in, transitioning to one of our nearby townhomes becomes an option. Take a virtual tour of the Help in the Home community! 

Take a Look Inside

For Help in the Home, success is about maintaining stability overtime. On average, SLC community members are with us 12-24 months, with a  minimum six month commitment. That being said, several of our community members have been with us all 15 years! 

They are about adding joy to life and providing consistent support as needs change. They provide the right blend of support and freedom, plus people who really listen and guide.” -Amanda, mother of a SLC resident

 We encourage you to read more client experiences from our past blogs, like Dianne, Amanda & Will, and Cameron to get a sense of who we are, directly from our community members.

Over the years, our SLC community has grown to six townhouses that can support up to 19 community members! The accommodations are for three to four people per townhouse, each with their own private room. Along the way, we are always implementing and modifying up to date COVID-19 protocols as needed.

Our client-centered and team-guided approach means that each community member’s care is customizable and adapted to their needs as they evolve. 

Community Focused

The SLC community itself is part of the care clients receive. Community members often eat together in the dining room, go for walks in the nearby park or spend time together in the living room. This type of dynamic setting creates a community that feels like family and cultivates an atmosphere conducive to building healthy routines.

We celebrate victories big and small, while shining a light on the beauty along the journey. Read more here about the individuals we serve and what to expect, or watch a short video to hear more about the purpose and heart behind our SLC program from co-founders Rayetta & Stacy.


Schedule a free consultation by calling 866-967-9994 to speak with the intake specialist.  Please be prepared to provide general information about current circumstances.  More onboarding information can be found here.

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