Get to Know Us with a Team Member Spotlight: Morgan McCulley

Help in the Home’s team-guided approach has allowed us to build a staff with the ability to adapt to life’s unexpected changes and pivot when necessary. We can’t express enough the gratitude we have for our team and the unwavering commitment they have to our clients throughout their journey.

At our core, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a team of unique and diverse mentors and specialists, who not only create a supportive experience, but also help to infuse joy into their daily lives. Someone in particular who embodies this value within the workplace is our Individual Support Services Program Manager, Morgan McCulley. 

Morgan’s higher education in psychology, extensive background working with individuals with SMI in case management and group home settings, paired with her optimistic attitude and passion for serving others makes her an irreplaceable part of the Help in the Home team. Please enjoy this Q&A interview with Morgan to get to know more about her and her role here at HITH!

Q: Morgan, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

“I’m originally from Oklahoma, but moved to the DMV about 10 years ago to complete my Master’s Degree. I have a degree in Forensic and Legal Psychology from Marymount University and have been working with individuals that have SMI for the last 10 years. I have loved being able to help individuals achieve their goals and thrive in their communities.

I do have a few hobbies that keep me busy outside of work. I love music and have been playing guitar for many years. I’m also really into women’s basketball (I grew up playing and going to college games) and have been able to dive back into that passion during the last year. I have tickets to go to multiple Mystics games this season! I also enjoy TV and reading. I tend to have frequent updates and recommendations for the team on what book to read or show to watch next.”

Q: What brought you to HITH?

“I have known Shannon, Stacy, and Rayetta for many years through doing similar work in the area. When the opportunity to work with them was presented to me, I was very excited to be able to join the team. They are very warm and welcoming, which is something that is important to me in a work environment.

I also feel that my values align with HITH and I can be authentic to who I am as a person within this organization.”

Q: What does an Individual Support Services Manager & Intake Specialist do?

“As the ISS Manager, I work with the Care Coordinators to make sure they have the support they need as they provide services to clients throughout the community. I also have clients that I am the Care Coordinator for that I see throughout the week.”

As the Intake Specialist, I get to meet prospective clients and families as they begin working with HITH. I really enjoy this part of the job and getting to know someone’s story, as well as identifying their goals and how we can support them.”

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

“My day never looks the same – I always have a mix of client time and behind the scenes meetings and documentation. Some days, I’m in Maryland, Virginia, and DC all in one day and some days I can do all my work from home.

It is definitely one of my favorite parts of the job, the constant movement based on what is needed at the time. I also like having a mix of in-person client time as well as administrative work, which is why this position works so well for me.”

Q: What motivated you to choose to work in the mental and behavioral space?

“I knew I was going to major in psychology since the age of 14 and that never changed. I had seen the impact of mental illness on my entire family and wanted to get a better understanding of how the mind worked and why we do the things we do.

When I started school I was more focused on criminology, however, during my graduate studies, I started working with individuals with SMI. From there, I was able to find a job that combined my knowledge of the legal system as well as my experience helping those with SMI. I really felt this pull to help these individuals navigate the legal system and focus on treatment versus punishment.”

Q: What parts of HITHs approach align with your values/goals as a professional in this field?

“I have a perspective that is helpful in regards to the ways in which individuals with SMI interact with the legal system. As you can imagine, it is very complex and difficult to navigate. I feel that I am able to help our clients and their families as they identify the best options as well as being able to provide my experience in the field to our team.”

Q: What fresh perspective and skills do you bring to the team?

“There are quite a few, but I think the one that is most important to me is teamwork. We work with so many different individuals and everyone is unique. Each team member brings their own expertise and experience which is invaluable when working to help someone achieve their goals. Not to mention, it’s just good to have different perspectives and ideas on how to achieve a goal because we never know what will be the most impactful to our clients.”

Q: How do you keep joy at your foundation?

“I do this through the collaboration of our team. We are able to celebrate the successes of our clients, as well as ourselves, which keeps joy at the foundation.

Also, through working together, we build great working relationships full of fun and laughter. I know that I’m always laughing throughout the day, which in turn, brings me a lot of joy.”

We are happy to have Morgan as part of the HITH team! Get to know more of our team members by checking out the blog.

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