Celebrating Two Years of Help in the Home’s Advisory Council

At Help in the Home, we understand the importance of having a strong community of support throughout one’s mental health journey. Part of our initiative to continue helping individuals with complex mental health needs has been through collaboration with professionals outside of our walls with the shared mission of better assisting our clients.     

With an intention to add more value to the mental health community and to continuously improve our services for individuals with complex mental health needs, we sought the insights and guidance from professionals to aid in our future decision-making. Two years ago, we launched Help in the Home’s first Advisory Council, an assembled group of talented professionals from various industries and backgrounds, who we owe a lot of our recent growth to. 

Over this time, we have gained more clarity in our approach through the input that these members have provided us with. We’ve seen the value that has added to growth development conversations by having different perspectives in one collective space. It generates new initiatives that have the ability to create an impact on those who need it most and allows us to remain consistent in our word. We are so grateful to have this group of people supporting us – from doctors and practitioners, to coaches and counselors – their experience and expertise has been invaluable to Help in the Home’s success. 

Since our inaugural Advisory Council meeting in 2022, we continue to meet twice per year. Last month, we held our first meeting of 2024 where the conversation centered around helping guide our research strategy as we explored the best way to start providing in-home treatment. It confirmed that we had chosen the right group of people to advise this next stage in Help in the Home’s growth.

Although our original Advisory Council members have exceeded their two-year term limit, we are thrilled to share that all of our original members have agreed to stay on for a second term. Additionally, we have added a new member, Stephen Schramm who has served in leadership roles in residential treatment for adults with SMI for more than 25 years. 

Introducing HITH’s Newest Advisory Council Member

Stephen (Steve) J. Schramm

Stephen is the current Sr. Advisor of Strategic Partnerships for Averte, a Trivium Life Services company, that offers multiple levels of highly-individualized care for people living with serious mental illness to help change the trajectory of someone’s life. Within this position, he focuses on business development and philanthropy.

Having been a part of the Averte family (formally Merry Meadow Farm) since the late eighties, Stephen has held many significant roles throughout his career with the company, including becoming CEO in 1999 and Co-Owner in 2015, before beginning their partnership with Trivium Life Services in 2022.

Stephen Schramm’s direct experience working within the mental health community for over 25 years serves as a great asset to HITH’s Advisory Council. Stephen currently resides in New Hampshire with his wife Rebecca and has two grown children.

We are happy to have Stephen join our Advisory Council. Get to know more about our Help in the Home Advisory Council by checking out our previous blog.

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