Everything You Need to Know – Our Frequently Asked Questions

After thirteen years of service, it has been our goal at Help in the Home to keep you informed and engaged, not just in what we do, but how you can impact those around you and get the support you need quickly and effectively. And if you’re new with us, we can’t wait to share more about Help in the Home, what we offer and give you a look at how we have grown over the last thirteen years. We hope the following list of answers gives you that insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your staff?

Our Care Coordinators (CC) have a Master’s degree and/or equivalent combination of education, work experience or life experience serving clients with severe mental illnesses (SMI). Our Community Managers have a Bachelor’s degree and experience serving clients with SMI. Our Family Consultation Specialists have a Master’s degree and/or equivalent combination of education, work experience or life experience working with families living with severe mental illness (SMI). At our core, all of our staff have heart, providing the care and support our clients need –  just like family.

Find out more about our amazing staff HERE.


Are there any new positions that have been added?

We have had quite a few positions that have been added over the years. One of our Care Coordinators, Cornelius, was promoted to Care Coordinator Peer Mentor. This is a new role that will help enhance internal culture, which will enhance the quality of service and care that our clients receive. We also had Care Coordinator Supervisor, Maura Beehler, promoted to Program Director. And Brad Friedman took on the Intern Supervisor role.


Do you take insurance?

Insurance does not cover any of our services. We are completely private pay. 

Contact us HERE for more information.


What are the ages of people living within your Supported Living Community (SLC)?

Like an extended family, the ages of our community members span the entire adult age span (18+). 

Want to know more about our SLC? Click HERE for all the details.


Do your community members drive, work, or go to school?

We love this question! In normal times, our community members participate in activities and responsibilities depending on their level of function. 

We put measures in place to help protect the health and safety of our Supported Living Community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We require that our SLC community members refrain from the following activities:

  • Going into group homes
  • Entering crowded stores
  • Using public transportation

We continue to thoughtfully consider each person – their interests, abilities, and strengths. We support each individual’s level of independence and responsibility as a team, and we create a custom treatment plan appropriate for each community member. 

Learn about our process HERE to find out more.


What one-on-one support services do you provide?

We offer:

  • Medication Monitoring
  • Tutoring
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Management of Medical Issues
  • Collaboration with Treatment Teams
  • Support with Money Management
  • Virtual Options Available

Want to learn more about our Individual Support Services? Click HERE for all the info.


How is the Community Manager role vital to the community members’ success?

To learn more about the vital role of our Community Managers, check out our July 2019 blog HERE.


What is Family Consultation? Who is eligible for this?

To learn more about Family Consultation, check out our March 2021 blog HERE.


Can you provide some real life examples of the types of clients that you serve?

  • Diane: Read more HERE
  • Cameron: Read more HERE
  • Amanda: Read more HERE


Do you have any testimonials from families that you can share?

“Today was worth every penny I have ever spent on Help in the Home! I cannot tell you how much it meant to see my daughter grapple with the fear and terror and walk out the door to meet you.  I saw her struggle more clearly and more powerfully than I ever have. Thanks also to the team. I know everyone on our team made this day possible. Mental health is a journey, not a destination.” —Grateful Mom

“I want to personally thank you for the great job you’ve been doing with my sister. She’s really responded to you and taken your advice and direction to heart. This is the longest stretch in years that she hasn’t been to urgent care/Emergency Room.”  –Grateful sister

“I’m happy that my client is transitioning so well with Help in the Home( HITH) . I think that he has always wanted some sense of control of his life and he is now able to do so. Thanks for all you do, HITH, you are the best.” — Grateful Care Manager

“We want you to know how much we appreciate the professional care and high standards with which each of you and your staff always use in your daily care of the clients and clients’ family members too. We know the very careful sanitation protocols that your organization started using last week and we applaud all of you for being such fantastic decision makers and caregivers. Your organization has always been extremely proactive with all of the circumstances that come your way. Obviously the Covid-19 virus is going to continue to have huge impacts on all of the greater region and our personal lives for some time. My family wanted you all to know, and your entire staff, that we have everyone in our thoughts as well as your families. You all work so hard to provide amazing services for your clients, so we wanted you to know how appreciative we are for ALL that you do! J is so very fortunate to be a part of The Help In The Home community and family which you provide. We just wanted to give thanks for all that you do. Penny and I will be sure to stay in close touch as we all work through this virus concern. Stay safe, healthy, and well. – Affectionately, Rob and Penny


Does my loved one need to be fully vaccinated to be a member of the SLC?

Yes, there is a lot of credible data out there saying that people with SMI are at higher risk for mortality from COVID-19. Our priority is to keep our community safe. 

Here are some additional resources:


Can I visit my loved one while they are living in the SLC?

Yes, scheduled family visits are allowed. 


Can my loved one attend in-person day treatment if they are living in the SLC?

As of right now yes, as long as the program requires masks and social distancing. However, this is subject to change depending on Montgomery County COVID-19 transmissions rates.


Are you still providing in-person Individual Support Services?

Yes, but the client must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

To learn more about how we are working to keep our community safe, check out our COVID-19 Updates.


What is the difference between mental health support and treatment?

To learn more about the difference between mental health support and treatment, check out our July 2020 blog HERE.


Does your team help in crisis intervention circumstances? 

Because we are with our clients and families long-term and severe mental illness has its ups and downs, we do stand alongside our clients and families when needed. First and foremost we are creating stability for the development of a crisis prevention plan. Yet, we are there to facilitate crisis intervention when needed. 


Can I tour your SLC? 

To learn more about touring the Supported Living Community, check out our September 2020 blog HERE.

  • Tours for families are on a case by case basis. Fully vaccinated families can arrange a tour through our intake coordinator. 
  • For professionals, we are not currently providing in-person tours. Please contact our Outreach Representative, Shannon Harris, if you are interested in scheduling a virtual meeting with our co-founders, shannon.harris@helpinthehomellc.com


How do you work with other Medical Practitioners to better serve community members?

To learn more about how we work with other Medical Practitioners, check out our September 2019 blog HERE.


Have a question that’s not listed above? Do you need more information? 

Give us a call at 866-967-9994 or email us at info@helpinthehomellc.com to schedule your free consultation. We would love to hear from you!

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